1. Heat pumps in 98022 and surrounding area

    Despite its name, a heat pump can actually both heat and cool your home or office. It has a recognizable unit that is installed on the outside of your building, similar to an air conditioning unit. The advantage to having a heat pump is that you don't need two separate units to control the temperature in your home. A heat pump works by transferring the heat from one location to another, similar to…Read More

  2. Safety tips before you need gas service repair in Enumclaw, WA

    Having gas-powered appliances in your home can be extremely convenient. Your stove will be on immediately, and you don't have to wait for burners to heat up. Your heater is the same way, and you don't have to wait for hours for the temperature to be comfortable. However, there are some risks inherent with using gas appliances. Natural gas is explosive, and a large quantity in an enclosed space can…Read More

  3. Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Enumclaw, WA to keep your family comfortable

    One of the best things about living in modern times is the level of comfort people have in their own homes. Most of the time, houses are climate-controlled and contain comfortable furniture and plenty of diversion for everyone. Gone are the days where people had to huddle around a central fireplace to stay warm, or suffer through heat in the summer with only a hand fan. Even the most basic of home…Read More

  4. The best air conditioning repair in 98022

    When your air conditioning breaks in the middle of the sweltering summer heat, you want someone fast, reliable, and guaranteed to fix it. To restore your family's comfort, trust Treat's Heating and Cooling for the best service. With over 40 years of experience, they have seen all the problems that air conditioners can cause, and know how to fix it.  Their air condition repair in the 98022 area ha…Read More