Despite its name, a heat pump can actually both heat and cool your home or office. It has a recognizable unit that is installed on the outside of your building, similar to an air conditioning unit. The advantage to having a heat pump is that you don’t need two separate units to control the temperature in your home. A heat pump works by transferring the heat from one location to another, similar to an air conditioner. Rather than moving the heat from inside to outside, however, it does just the opposite. It doesn’t burn any fuels to create the heat, so it can be quite efficient as well. They work best in moderate climates without extreme heat or cold, and can save money each month over a furnace or central heater. Treat’s Heating and Cooling is the leading installation and service expert for heat pumps in 98022 and surrounding areas. If a heat pump sounds like a good investment for your home or office, they can answer all your questions to help you get started.