1. Maintenance on heat pumps in 98022

    Making the decision to install a heat pump in your home is a great long-run decision. Although initially expensive, heat pumps do the work of both a heater and air conditioning unit, so there is no need to have both. They save energy each month by being more efficient, and using heat that is already present. In the summer, they work by transferring the heat from indoors to out, and work the revers…Read More

  2. Heat Pumps in 98022 great investment

    A heat pump is a great investment for the future climate of your home or office. It saves space and energy because it does the work of both a heater and air conditioner. To do so, it simply pulls hot air from one location and pumps it to another, either from inside to out on hot days, or outside to in on cold days. This way, you don't have to have two separate units to do the same job, and the ene…Read More

  3. Heat Pumps in 98022 save resources

    A heat pump is a device similar to an air-conditioning unit that can be used to either heat or cool a building. It does so with a transfer of energy; the direction of which depends on if the area needs heated or cooled. If heated, it will draw heat from the outside and bring it indoors. The reverse is true if the building needs cooled, and it will draw the heat from inside to dissipate outdoors. H…Read More

  4. Heat Pumps in 98022 do the work of both air conditioner and heater

    A heat pump can often do the work of both a heater and air conditioner in your home or office building, despite the limitations of its name. A heat pump works by pulling hot air from one source and moving it to another. In the winter, that could mean moving warm air from surrounding air or the ground, and releasing it into the home or office. In the hotter summer months, the opposite technique is …Read More

  5. Heat pumps in 98022 and surrounding area

    Despite its name, a heat pump can actually both heat and cool your home or office. It has a recognizable unit that is installed on the outside of your building, similar to an air conditioning unit. The advantage to having a heat pump is that you don't need two separate units to control the temperature in your home. A heat pump works by transferring the heat from one location to another, similar to…Read More