1. Annual AC Unit Check Ups In Bonney Lake, WA

    You’re familiar with the idea that your furnace needs to be checked regularly in order to ensure it is functioning properly. The same sort of maintenance is required for your air conditioning unit as well. Annual service to your AC unit will not only keep it in working order but it will also make sure it is an energy efficient as possible, which is most likely going to save you money in the long…Read More

  2. Keep A/C Cost Down This Summer in Enumclaw, WA

    It’s fairly easy to get a little overexcited about air conditioning once those 90 degree days start appearing more and more frequently during the summer months. However, there are plenty of ways you can remain comfortable in your home in the coming months without having to spend an arm and a leg on your energy bill. Turn Your A/C Down When You Aren’t Home We know it is tempting to leave your a…Read More

  3. All The Cool Kids Are Doing It In Bonney Lake, WA

    You’ve heard the saying, “Spend money now to save money later”. Most commonly this refers to making the decision to buy a quality, more expensive product rather than a less expensive product that may or may not last for a long period of time. This saying can be applied to your air conditioner as well. If you have been using the same air conditioner for years, it may be costing you more than …Read More

  4. Give Your Employees A Comfortable Space

    Frankly… No one likes to sit at work overly hot or cold. If it’s too cold people are up moving around trying to get warm, and if it’s too hot people are slowing down because they are either getting sleepy or just plain overheating! In both of these scenarios, work unfortunately becomes second to finding a comfortable temperature to be in. Meaning in turn, the day’s efficie…Read More

  5. Boost Your Businesses Efficiency In Bonney Lake

    Businesses across the world underestimate how important their heating and cooling systems are. Especially here in Bonney Lake! With 166 average days of precipitation and rain fall, the cold seasons tend feel especially cold, and the heat is generally overwhelming. This is where Treat’s Heating and Cooling comes in. We provide companies all across Bonney Lake the heating and cooling services they…Read More

  6. Warm Yourself with our Furnace Repair in Bonney Lake

    Without heat, we as a species can not survive! This is not only the truth, but the way we function as human beings. As a homo sapien, we must be in atmospheres of above freezing temperatures in order to survive on a daily basis. This is unless we have custom clothing or mechanical heating, which typically involves the inventions of the modern day era. So, if you want to survive in the cold tempera…Read More

  7. Radiant Water Heater Services In Bonney Lake

    Since 1973, we have been a family-operated company that provides heater service in Bonney Lake at affordable rates. This long standing relationship with our beautiful community is something that has been not only tangible, but intangible. The tangible side is our long-standing services, assets, and prosperity as a business, as we have continually grown for decades. The intangible side would be the…Read More

  8. Very Effective Heater Repair In Bonney Lake

    Have you ever experienced your home's heating system going off for no reason? Or are you consistently having a heating and cooling system that is working against itself? Are your energy bills continually rising without reason? If any of these questions are true or you have other circumstances that you are experiencing, we can provide the solutions and the application resolutions to remedy your con…Read More

  9. Energy Efficiency With Our Heating And Cooling In Bonney Lake

    With the way gas and electric pricing are skyrocketing these days, the demand for energy efficiency has never been greater. The idea that we can save thousands on our bills by the end of the year by simply buying an energy saving device is without a doubt, desirable. We see this desire on our customers' faces each and every day. Most of us here at Treat's Heating and Cooling have energy saving hea…Read More

  10. Money-Saving Water Heater Repairs In Bonney Lake

    One of the beautiful things about technology and advancements is that things tend to get a little easier and more productive. In regards to our industry, we have the technicians and the equipment to save you the money in water heater repairs in Bonney Lake you deserve. No matter what type of system you have, we can work on it. Our experienced staff has seen and worked on every type of heating syst…Read More