You’re familiar with the idea that your furnace needs to be checked regularly in order to ensure it is functioning properly. The same sort of maintenance is required for your air conditioning unit as well. Annual service to your AC unit will not only keep it in working order but it will also make sure it is an energy efficient as possible, which is most likely going to save you money in the long run.

It is expected that in the hot summer months you will be relying on your air conditioning to keep the inside of your home bearable to occupy. As air conditioning keeps your home cool even while it is in direct sunlight it is essential for providing friends, family and yourself with relief from the heat, humidity and overbearing sunlight.

It is often asked if the process of checking that your AC unit is functioning properly is something that can simply be done by the home owner. And the short answer is “yes”. The long answer however is, “Yes, but you probably shouldn’t”. If something happens to be wrong you stand a very good chance of making it worse by trying to identify or solve the problem on your own. By hiring a professional, like the talented team at Treat’s Heating & Cooling, you can feel secure in knowing that you AC is in working order and will continue to be. If you haven’t had your annual air conditioner check up this year, call us today! Don’t wait for something to go wrong before making the call. After all, your home can go from cool safe haven to muggy miserable sauna in no time at all!