1. Annual AC Unit Check Ups In Bonney Lake, WA

    You’re familiar with the idea that your furnace needs to be checked regularly in order to ensure it is functioning properly. The same sort of maintenance is required for your air conditioning unit as well. Annual service to your AC unit will not only keep it in working order but it will also make sure it is an energy efficient as possible, which is most likely going to save you money in the long…Read More

  2. Keep A/C Cost Down This Summer in Enumclaw, WA

    It’s fairly easy to get a little overexcited about air conditioning once those 90 degree days start appearing more and more frequently during the summer months. However, there are plenty of ways you can remain comfortable in your home in the coming months without having to spend an arm and a leg on your energy bill. Turn Your A/C Down When You Aren’t Home We know it is tempting to leave your a…Read More

  3. All The Cool Kids Are Doing It In Bonney Lake, WA

    You’ve heard the saying, “Spend money now to save money later”. Most commonly this refers to making the decision to buy a quality, more expensive product rather than a less expensive product that may or may not last for a long period of time. This saying can be applied to your air conditioner as well. If you have been using the same air conditioner for years, it may be costing you more than …Read More