With the way gas and electric pricing are skyrocketing these days, the demand for energy efficiency has never been greater. The idea that we can save thousands on our bills by the end of the year by simply buying an energy saving device is without a doubt, desirable. We see this desire on our customers’ faces each and every day. Most of us here at Treat’s Heating and Cooling have energy saving heating and cooling systems as well. We service the Bonney Lake area and have been for quite some time now. You can trust in our services as many have before you, and come out with the very same high level of satisfaction.

One of our favorite air conditioners is our Comfort/Base Series Central Air Conditioner. This intelligent machine pumps out altered air with an energy efficiency of 16.5 on the SEER rating scale. Now doesn’t this sound amazingly efficient to you? Plus, besides the fact that it has an amazing rating, it runs just as quietly as a dishwasher runs, which is basically as low as 72 dB. Not only is it built strong, but it can resist all of the elements in order to last years upon years. It is a Puron refrigerant system, making it one of the most highly desired heating and cooling systems in the Bonney Lake area.

Instead of letting the heat and humidity beat you and your house down this summer, you should seriously consider buying this energy efficient heating and cooling system. You’ll love the expressions on the faces of your house guests when they come in after a long and hot day, smiling because you have an air conditioned atmosphere that comes second to none.

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