Businesses across the world underestimate how important their heating and cooling systems are. Especially here in Bonney Lake! With 166 average days of precipitation and rain fall, the cold seasons tend feel especially cold, and the heat is generally overwhelming.

This is where Treat’s Heating and Cooling comes in. We provide companies all across Bonney Lake the heating and cooling services they need to keep their workers comfortable and their business booming. With 40 years of experience installing and repairing HVAC systems, the professionals at Treat’s know exactly what they need to do to get your HVAC system up and working the right way, the first time.


When it comes to air conditioning-

Our team will gladly work with your budget to set up a system, or make repairs on your current system that will effectively reduce wasted energy and enhance the efficiency of your overall air flow. And if you don’t have a current system, or even an air conditioning system in mind, our experts will recommend one to you based on the layout and interworking’s of your business.

When it comes to heating-

Our experts are ready and willing to install and service any and all types, sizes and models of heating systems, as well as take care of any of your heating needs! These could include maintenance, repairs, replacements, and running tests on your current system. All of which go toward making sure your money is not being wasted on heat, and the heat you are getting is meeting your expectations.

So, instead of letting your money go to waste and your workers sit in an uncomfortable building, give your business the heating and air efficiency boost its been waiting for!  Call Treat’s today.