1. Importance of professional gas service repair in Enumclaw, WA

    A lot of repair work around the house can be done without the need for a professional, like painting or building. But there are some areas that are better left the experts. For homes that are heated with gas, it is very important that the maintenance and repair work is done by a qualified professional. Natural gas doesn't have an odor normally, but chemicals are added to give it a distinctive rott…Read More

  2. Superior gas service repair in Enumclaw, WA

    One of the best things about snowy winter nights is the ability to curl up in front of a fireplace and watch the snow fall. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, you can know this joy often. The two main types of fireplaces are traditional wood-burning and gas. The wood burning has the authentic rustic feel, but is time consuming to create and dismantle. It is messy and require…Read More

  3. Gas Service Repair in Enumclaw, WA keeps your equipment efficient

    Gas furnaces and equipment can be extremely energy efficient, but only if they are properly maintained and repaired. Energy efficiency for combustion equipment used for heating is measured on an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency scale, or AFUE. This scale attempts to accurately measure the thermal efficiency of your equipment over an annual, season-long usage pattern, and gives a percentage of fu…Read More

  4. Knowing when to get gas service repair in Enumclaw, WA

    Having your home heated and cooking your food with gas can save a lot of money, and peace of mind when the power goes out that you will still be able to live comfortably until it comes back on. However, there are risks involved with using gas to power your home. A natural gas leak is not always discovered right away, and can leak dangerous gases into your home. If unnoticed, it can cause adverse h…Read More

  5. Safety tips before you need gas service repair in Enumclaw, WA

    Having gas-powered appliances in your home can be extremely convenient. Your stove will be on immediately, and you don't have to wait for burners to heat up. Your heater is the same way, and you don't have to wait for hours for the temperature to be comfortable. However, there are some risks inherent with using gas appliances. Natural gas is explosive, and a large quantity in an enclosed space can…Read More