Having your home heated and cooking your food with gas can save a lot of money, and peace of mind when the power goes out that you will still be able to live comfortably until it comes back on. However, there are risks involved with using gas to power your home. A natural gas leak is not always discovered right away, and can leak dangerous gases into your home. If unnoticed, it can cause adverse health affects or even cause death if unattended in a confined space. Enough gas with a spark can also ignite or explode, which can also cause serious injury or fatality. Knowing when to inspect your system and what repairs are needed can save your house or your life. For gas service repair in Enumclaw, WA, the number one source is Treat’s Heating and Cooling. With experience in all kinds of heating and cooling systems, they have the knowledge to check and inspect your gas service to ensure quality parts are used and that all aspects of your system are safe. If something is not up to standard, they will repair as needed to keep your home a safe place to be.