Gas furnaces and equipment can be extremely energy efficient, but only if they are properly maintained and repaired. Energy efficiency for combustion equipment used for heating is measured on an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency scale, or AFUE. This scale attempts to accurately measure the thermal efficiency of your equipment over an annual, season-long usage pattern, and gives a percentage of fuel being used to heat the living space. The higher the percentage, the more fuel is being utilized, and the higher the fuel efficiency. On average, gas furnaces are anywhere between 80-95% efficient with their energy use, meaning higher value and savings for the consumer. Efficiency decreases over time as equipment becomes worn, and regular maintenance and gas service repair in Enumclaw, WA ensures that your gas heater will keep its higher efficiency rating for longer. Treat’s Heating and Cooling is the top expert in all kinds of heaters and air conditioners, from installation to maintenance and repair, and can make sure your furnace is performing to the best of its capacity.