1. More than just air conditioning repair in 98022

    People who have an air conditioning unit generally have a good idea of who they will call if they need repairs done. Recommendations from a friend, online reviews, and phone book ads all help determine the best company to work on your existing machine. But what if you are just starting out the air conditioning experience, or need a new unit? What if you need work done on the air ducts in your home…Read More

  2. Professional air conditioning repair in 98022 can save money

    A lot of homeowners are proponents of do-it-yourself home maintenance, and want to fix what they can on their own. For some instances, this is great and can save them a lot of money. Some things, however, require the special tools and knowledge of a professional. A broken air conditioning unit is one of the situations that is best handled by professional air conditioning repair in 98022. There are…Read More

  3. Fast air conditioning repair in 98022 when you need it

    An air conditioning unit can be the difference between a pleasant and miserable summer. In regions where the temperature can exceed 90 degrees in the day time, having a place to be cool is very important. Regular maintenance and care can make sure that your air conditioner remains faithfully running for years to come. However, sometimes machines break down, and need professional repair. For air co…Read More

  4. Air Conditioning Repair in 98022

    Part of responsible home ownership is making sure you keep up with all work around the house and yard, and maintain all equipment used. Most modern homes are equipped with a heater and air conditioner to keep the temperature regulated. These units can be expensive to install, and require costly repairs when damaged or broken. Scheduling regular maintenance by a trusted professional can ensure your…Read More

  5. Making summer cool with the help of air conditioning repair in 98022

    There are lots of ways for people to keep cool in summer's worst heat. A cold drink or frosty treat are tasty ways to beat the sun's rays. Going swimming is another way to ensure you stay cool while getting some exercise to boot. If exercise isn't your thing, or you just want to take a relaxing afternoon nap, laying in the shade can be another way to get out of the heat. One of the best comforts a…Read More

  6. The best air conditioning repair in 98022

    When your air conditioning breaks in the middle of the sweltering summer heat, you want someone fast, reliable, and guaranteed to fix it. To restore your family's comfort, trust Treat's Heating and Cooling for the best service. With over 40 years of experience, they have seen all the problems that air conditioners can cause, and know how to fix it.  Their air condition repair in the 98022 area ha…Read More