1. Save money with air conditioning service in 98022

    Making sure your air conditioning unit is running well is very important. It keeps you and your family cool all summer long, so it has a big job to do. Scheduling regular, twice-annual maintenance with Treat's Heating and Cooling keeps your energy bills lower. By making sure your air conditioner is running at full capacity, you save money on energy usage. Being a member of their preferred and plan…Read More

  2. Air Conditioning Service in 98022 sets you up for efficiency

    Having an air conditioning system for your home can be a life-saver in hot summer months. Taking advantage of its consistent presence means you never have to worry about it being too hot, or finding a place to escape the heat. Treat your air conditioning unit right, and sign up for regularly scheduled maintenance with Treat's Heating and Cooling. They do a semi-annual inspection in the spring and …Read More