Air Conditioning by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Even though it is not summer yet, you don’t want to be stuck in a situation where your air conditioner is blowing warm air on hot days.  It is best to find out what’s wrong before the weather gets hot.  Here are a few common reasons that your air conditioning may be blowing warm air.

Thermostat: Sometimes the thermostat gets bumped or changed on accident and it is set in “heat” mode instead of “cool”.

Dirty evaporator coil: If the evaporator gets dirty, this is caused by a dirty air filter. This keeps your air conditioner from properly cooling your home.  You can change the filter, but we suggest you call Treat’s Heating & Cooling to have the evaporator coil cleaned.

Air Conditioner has not been maintained: When you walk outside do you see the outdoor unit blocked by any dirt or debris? If so, this will impact the air conditioners ability to cool.  The condenser coils need to cleaned often in the summer.

Refrigerant/Freon: Air conditioners need refrigerant/freon charge to cool the home.  If the refrigerant is leaking it will cause a complete loss of cold air.  You can tell if your air conditioner doesn’t have refrigerant if you see ice forming on the inside and outside units.  Treat’s Heating & Cooling can provide the charge for your air conditioner.

Maintenance: You should have your equipment serviced annually.  You can have the maintenance done in the spring when the temperatures are mild but not too hot as they are in the summer.

If you need maintenance or service on your air conditioner, call the professionals at Treat’s Heating & Cooling for an appointment 360-825-0800.  We have been in business for over 40 years!

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