1. Ways to save energy while keeping cool in Maple Valley, WA

    Energy Savings by Treat's Heating & Cooling Heating and cooling your home uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in your home, typically making up about 48 percent of your utility bill.  Regardless of what kind of system you have in your home, you can save money and increase comfort by properly maintaining and upgrading your equipment. An energy efficient furnace alone wi…Read More

  2. Save energy while using your air conditioning in Black Diamond, WA

    Energy Savings by Treat's Heating & Cooling During hot weather, a central air conditioner can account for 30 percent of your energy bill. Check the air filter on a regular basis, a clean air filter improves system efficiency, which should lead to energy savings. The recommended thermostat setting is between 75 and 78 degrees.  Every degree you raise your thermostat can result in a 5% savings …Read More

  3. Tips for saving electricity while running your air conditioning in Enumclaw, WA

    Energy Savings by Treat's Heating & Cooling A typical household spends about 20 percent of its energy bills on cooling the EPA estimates.  By improving energy efficiency, you’ll be saving electricity lowering your AC bills and helping to fight climate change.  Below are some no cost tips for saving electricity. Program your thermostat to work around your family’s schedule by setting it a…Read More

  4. Saving energy while running your air conditioner in Bonney Lake, WA

    Energy Savings by Treat's Heating & Cooling If you use air conditioning during the hot months of the summer your energy bill is going to be higher than normal.  Sometimes you may have to sacrifice a little bit of comfort to cut your costs on energy bills, but if you are serious about saving money, these simple tips should help you. Programmable Thermostat: by using a programmable thermostat, …Read More

  5. Energy saving tips for cooling in Auburn, WA

    Energy Savings by Treat's Heating & Cooling An average household spends more than $2200 per year on energy bills and nearly half of that comes from heating and cooling costs.  With summer right around the corner, people are turning on their air conditioners.  You can save electricity and avoid hefty repair bills by giving your air conditioner a tune-up. The best time for air conditioner main…Read More

  6. The purpose of HVAC Zoning in Enumclaw, WA

    System Zoning by Treat's Heating & Cooling A zoning system for your HVAC equipment is a way to control the temperature for each area or one in your home rather than trying to heat or cool the house to fit the same temperature that is acceptable by everyone. With a zoning system, you can set temperatures differently for either individual rooms or sections of your home. Typically with forced air…Read More

  7. System Zoning in Black Diamond, WA

    System Zoning by Treat's Heating & Cooling Zoning systems are designed for many ways you use your home. Maybe you and members of your family have different preferences in heating and cooling or you have areas that are un-occupied in your home.  Zoning allows you to divide your home into separate areas giving you the comfort and control you prefer. The main benefits of zoning: Comfort Zoning m…Read More

  8. HVAC System Zoning in Bonney Lake, WA

    System Zoning by Treat's Heating & Cooling A well designed HVAC zoning system can save you money and deliver year round comfort in your home.  A damper zone system will provide separate thermostat control for different areas of your home at different times of the day.  As sun warms during the day, the heating and cooling load shifts with the sun and does the same in the evening with the sun …Read More

  9. What is HVAC System Zoning in Auburn, WA?

    System Zoning by Treat's Heating & Cooling If you have noticed that one section of your home is always colder than the other you are probably constantly adjusting the thermostat to try and resolve the issue.  In the long run, your electricity bill will increase from turning the thermostat up and down. The concept of system zoning is similar to the HVAC systems you may have seen in large offic…Read More

  10. Zoned temperature control in Maple Valley, WA

    System Zoning by Treat's Heating & Cooling You wouldn’t control all the lights in your home with one switch, so why control the temperature throughout your home with just one thermostat? Different areas of your house have different temperature needs as well as family members. Zoning allows you to control the temperature in every room of your home by placing a thermostat in every room and an …Read More