System Zoning by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

A well designed HVAC zoning system can save you money and deliver year round comfort in your home.  A damper zone system will provide separate thermostat control for different areas of your home at different times of the day.  As sun warms during the day, the heating and cooling load shifts with the sun and does the same in the evening with the sun going down.

Homeowners have claimed up to 30% in savings in their heating and cooling operation costs after installation of a zoning system.  Why heat or cool areas of your home that you aren’t using? You may have a certain room that you occupy at a certain time of day, with zone control you can heat or cool that one room and save energy on the rest of the house when it isn’t in use.

Zoning will also reduce the number of times a furnace or air conditioner cycles on and off during a 24 hour time period.  This not only saves money but extends the life of your equipment.

For example: if it is winter and your residence faces east, your living room is on the east side and has large windows.  In the morning, the east side of your home has a high heat gain due to the sun shining through the windows.  Your thermostat is located on the east side registering the morning heat gain. The west side of your home gets cold because of no sun hitting there yet.  The furnace doesn’t come on; it’s not needed according to the thermostat over on the hot side of the home.

If you take the same scenario as above with the residence split into 2 HVAC zones, east and west there is a thermostat in each zone. In the morning as the sun is beating through the east windows, the west zone thermostat can call for heating.  The furnace comes on and the west zone damper opens and heat is delivered through the ducts only to the west rooms that need heat.

The same scenario applies to air conditioning. Different areas of a residence can call for cooling at different times of the day.

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