Thermostats by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

We depend on our thermostats for heating and cooling our homes year round.  If your thermostat suddenly becomes blank, you noticed your rooms are not heating or cooling as they should, or your energy bill is much higher than usual here are a few things to check.

The first thing to check is the power.  Check all the wires that connect the thermostat to make sure they are attached and connected tightly.  This may restore the power supply to the thermostat and ensure it I working again.

A thermostat needs to be clean In order to work properly.  Unscrew the cover of the thermostat and look to see if there is any dust built up on the unit.  While the thermostat is uncovered, you should also be able to see if there is any corrosion around the wiring.

Thermostats should not be slanted or tilted where they are mounted.  If the unit is not secured in a level manner, it will not function properly.

Another reason for a thermostat to stop working properly can be poor placement in the home.  The thermostat should not be placed near drafts or in a place that is heated or cooled faster than the rest of the home, this will make the temperature reading incorrect.  Place the thermostat in a place that is well insulated and away from the kitchen or other places that can be warmer than the rest of the house.

The anticipator is a small lever on a calibrated scale inside a thermostat.  This lever should be moved one level or click on the longer side if the air conditioner of furnace switches on frequently and one level or click lower in the air conditioner or furnace runs too long.  This will ensure that the ambient temperature in the home is more comfortable and stable for a long period of time.

If you have checked all the items above and are still having problems with your thermostat, call Treat’s Heating & Cooling for service.  We can be reached at 360.825.0800 and are ready to serve you!

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