Zone Temperature Control by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Zone control is installed to control the temperature in each room of a home.  The zone control panel is the central control that will communicate with each thermostat and damper in your home.  It is mounted by your equipment and is the brain of the entire zoning system.

Thermostats read the air temperature in each room or zone of your home.  If the temperature is too cold or hot for your preference the thermostat will send a signal to the control panel to either bring on cool or warm air to that room or zone.

Zone dampers are placed in your ducts to control the airflow to certain rooms or cons of your home.  The dampers are wired to a specific zone on the control panel which is controlled by a specific thermostat in your home.  Dampers automatically open and close depending on which thermostats are calling.

To make zoning simple, here is an example of how it would work:

You are getting ready for bed and you lock up and shut off the thermostats that control the air downstairs.  You head up to your bedroom and set the temperature at 75 degrees, the control panel reads thermostat call and activates your heat and shuts all the dampers in your duct system except for the one that controls airflow to your bedroom.  Now it is just your bedroom that is receiving heat.  You are now comfortable in the room you are occupying and saving energy in the rooms that you are no using.

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