Furnace Sounds by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

If your furnace is making a loud noise when it turns off such as a loud banging or thumping, there are several reasons that this could be happening.  The sound can be caused by the sheet metal in your ductwork being bowed outward while the system is operating and then it contracts once the air is no longer being forced through.

This can happen as a result of your air filters being dirty or your vents being closed.  When your air filters are dirty and your registers are closed, air can’t flow through the ducts as quickly as it should, causing it to back up.  This excess air causes the thin metal in your ductwork to bow outward and make the banging noise until it returns to normal.

While this issue isn’t serious, it does mean that you are either not utilizing your heating system as well as you could due to closed vents or you need to change your filter(s).

If you have recently replaced your furnace filters and your registers are open, but you are still experiencing a loud noise when your furnace turns off you may have a different issue going on.  You should call Treat’s Heating & Cooling at 360.825.0800 and we will schedule a technician to perform a diagnostic on your system.

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