Heat Pumps by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

 A common problem that heat pumps can have is short cycling.  This happens when a heat pump shuts down its heating or cooling cycle earlier than its expected process.  It will turn off and on several times and only run for a brief time.

If short cycling is not diagnosed promptly, it could cause damage to your unit and higher utility bills.  The average heating system cycles on and off three to six times every hour.  To diagnose the problem with short cycling our technicians run a test cycle of your unit to see how many times it turns on and off in a certain amount of time.

 One of the most common causes of short cycling is an easy fix.  If you don’t make it a habit to change your filters on a regular basis, it could have a major impact on your unit’s efficiency.  Warm air can’t pass through the filter and it backs up within the unit.  This sends an incorrect message to your heating system that your home is warm enough.  The unit shuts off and your home becomes cold signaling the system to start up again.  To avoid this problem, change your filter quarterly and check it monthly.

 Sometimes the problem of short cycling is caused by a faulty thermostat and not by the unit itself.  You should ensure your thermostat is turned on and set to the accurate settings before assuming that your heating equipment needs to be repaired.

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