When choosing a water heater replacement, size is very important.  If you choose one that is too small it won’t be able to hold the capacity you need and water temperatures won’t be warm enough.  A water heater that is too large can draw more power resulting in a higher utility bill.

To determine the proper FHR “First Hour Rating” you need to determine which hour of the day that you use the most water.  This could be morning or evening depending on when your family uses the highest amount of water when bathing.  You can then determine an average use of water during this time in gallons.

There are many different types of Water Heaters on the market, including a conventional Tank, Tankless, Solar, & Heat Pump water heaters.

Water Heater Selection Reminders

When selecting the best type of water heater keep the following in mind:

  • Fuel Type
    • The fuel type or energy source will affect the annual operating costs
  • Size
    • Selecting the proper size will provide your household with sufficient hot water & maximize energy efficiency

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