Variable Speed Furnaces by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

There are three types of furnaces available on the market today.  The equipment that will work best for your situation depends on a number of factors including heating requirements, ductwork, insulation, and size of your home.  Below is a brief description on a few types of furnaces you have to choose from.

Variable Speed Furnace: Unlike the single stage furnace and two stage furnace, a variable speed furnace doesn’t actually refer to the number of stages your furnace goes through to provide heat, it refers to the fan motor in the furnace.  The fan motor moves at different speeds to control the amount of heat disbursed into a home.  This results in better airflow and a comfortable environment.

Single Stage Furnace: Single stage furnaces are also referred to as single speed furnaces.  They have one stage of heat output which is high.  These furnaces continually disburse the maximum amount of heat the furnace is designed for regardless of the temperature outdoors or in certain areas of the home.  Your energy bills could be a bit costly as every time the furnace turns on it is disbursing the max amount of energy.

Two Stage Furnace: Two stage furnaces are also known as two speed furnaces.  They operate much more efficiently than a single stage furnace.  The first stage operates the majority of the time in most climates and runs around 65% of the furnace’s full capacity.  When the temperature outside becomes extremely cold the one stage may not be sufficient enough to heat your home but the second stage kicks on to provide the additional heat.

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