One of the most necessary assets to a household is a decent heating system. Plus, with America reaching record low freezing temperatures, having fully functioning heating and cooling in Bonney Lake is of even greater importance. This is where we come into play, as we are Treat’s Heating and Cooling and we have the experience and knowledge to fully equip your household with the best heating system possible.

One of our heat pumps make for a way to heat your household and save energy at the same time. We highly recommend a two-stage unit, which is far more economical than a one-stage unit. Check out our Infinity Series Two Stage Heat Pump! It provides plenty of savings throughout the year, with both a heating and cooling operation. With the ability to save up to $158 a year in heating and $100 a year in cooling, your home’s heating and cooling at Bonney Lake will save you tons of money over time. The efficacy of this two-stage heat pump will show you the very definition of advanced heating systems. This two-stage heat pump best works in a symbiotic relationship with an Infinity Series Furnace, creating a revolutionary HYBRID HEAT Dual Fuel System!

This is just one type of dual-system that can save you tons of money all year long. The Models 25HNB5, 25HNB6 and 25HNA9 are all up to 19 SEER and have puron refrigerant. So when is comes to heating and cooling at Bonney Lake this spring, you’ll be able to use 30% less energy, compared to that of a gas furnace.

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