Here are a few simple tips to help you troubleshoot furnace problems:

Dirty Burners

A build-up of dirt or rust can block burner holes.  This can cause gas to flood into the chamber but it won’t light immediately. Once it does light, it may sound like a loud banging sound with often puts the pilot light out.  This issue can be avoided with regular furnace maintenance.


You should vacate your home & call your gas provider if you smell gas.  If there is a leak or other problem with an appliance the pilot light can’t stay lit.  Call for an appointment and have a technician at Treats Heating & Cooling come out and diagnose the problem.


There is a sensor in your pilot light that maintains the flow of gas.  Sometimes they need to be replaced.  These sensors most likely contain mercury & you will need a professional technician to replace the part.  Call and make an appointment today with Treats Heating & Cooling Buckley to replace & dispose of your old part.

Faulty Thermocouple

Sometimes the thermocouple needs to be replaced.  This is located near the pilot light burner and provides as a safety device to shut the gas off if the pilot goes out and fails the igniter.