As you probably already know, your thermostat is the main control unit for your home.  Below are a few tips that will help you maintain your comfort level.

Thermostat Settings

If you are setting your thermostat higher or lower, this is not necessarily going to heat or cool your home any faster.  Your furnace or air conditioner is going to work at the same speed whether you set it higher or lower than your desired temperature.  You can waste energy by having your system run continuously to meet this high/low temperature.


If you close vents throughout your home, this throws the balance off which them causes the pressure to build up on your ductwork & can result in leaks.  This will reduce efficiency & level of comfort in your home.


Place your thermostat in an area where you can access it easily.  It should be placed away from doorways, drafty areas & drapery.  Your thermostat will function more efficiently when it is placed in an area where it can maintain its best results.

Need Help?

If your thermostat has stopped working always check to make sure it has functional batteries.  After replacing the batteries, if you are still experiencing problems call to make an appointment online with a reliable technician at Treats Heating & Cooling or call us at 360.825.0800