1. AC Repair in 98022 uses modern techniques for an ancient principle

    For as long as there have been people living in hot climates, they have come up with ingenious ways to cool themselves and their homes. The idea of air conditioning dates back as far as the ancient Egyptians. In the desert climate, they hung wet reeds from their windows, and the breeze would blow the cooler and more humid air into the homes. In the second century, a Chinese inventor created a rota…Read More

  2. Save on AC repair in 98022

    An air conditioning unit is a big investment in your home, worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. You want to make sure it is well protected and insured against anything happening to it. From installation to regularly scheduled maintenance, Treat's Heating and Cooling has your climate control covered. Sign up for their maintenance program to receive twice yearly service on your unit. This mai…Read More

  3. Intricacies of AC repair in 98022

    Air conditioning units are complicated machines with a lot of moving and mechanical parts, all sealed into one piece. When something goes wrong and your A/C is not working, it can be difficult to diagnose and fix the problem. Regular inspection and maintenance is important to ensure proper usage each year. The unit should be inspected by a professional and calibrated with the thermostat at least o…Read More