Thermocouples by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

A thermocouple is a part made of two metal types.  When one end of the thermocouple is heated, it will create an electrical charge at the end of the pilot light.  When the part releases its charge, it triggers the gas valve to open and then releases the gas flow to the burner. 

If you are having problems with your pilot light staying lit, it could be that the standing pilot light flame is too low on the thermocouple.  The pilot needs to heat the thermocouple with a blue flame that heats the top of the part.  If the pilot light is low from the top of the thermocouple, the pilot will go out.    

 A dirty thermocouple can also cause a low flame.  Thermocouples get dirty over years of use and won’t stay lit.  Sometimes soot from the pilot light flame can clog the thermocouple port.  A technician may use a thin piece of wire to open the port on the thermocouple.  If the soot is sounding the port another tool may be used to remove the soot.  Often times the threads that connect the thermocouple to the gas valve become dirty and need to be cleaned so the parts can make a connection. 

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