Furnace Repair by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Is your furnace blowing cold air and the blower running constantly?  Here are a few things you can check before you call Treat’s Heating & Cooling for service.

  • Check your thermostat.  If your thermostat fan setting is set to ON, the furnace blower will constantly run even when your furnace isn’t heating the air.  Turn your thermostat fan setting to AUTO, now your furnace should only blow warm air.
  • If your furnace blows hot air then cold air but the stops blowing any air after a while it could be possible that your furnace has overheated.  This can often happen when a unit is over-sized for the area it is supposed to heat, the high limit switch will shut the unit off.  It may also be the result of a dirty furnace filter; the dirty filter will block airflow causing the furnace to run longer to heat your home until it overheats.  You can try to change the filter first to see if hot air starts blowing; if not you don’t want to ignore this problem, repeated over heating can result in a damaged heat exchanger.
  • If your gas furnace is blowing only cold air, then the pilot light may be out.  It will need to be relit and remain on for the furnace to blow warm air.  If the pilot light will not stay lit you will need to call for service.

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