If you are considering purchasing a central air conditioner, you can save energy and money if you purchase a unit that provides energy efficient features.

The key elements in choosing the right efficiency of a central air conditioner are proper sizing and installation.  If you get a unit that is too small it won’t be able to keep a comfortable temperature on hot days and a unit that is too large won’t remove the humidity.

Central air conditioners are rated according to their efficiency ratio also known as SEER.  Manufacturers will typically support existing equipment by making parts available for repairs.  Central air conditioners can share ductwork with your heating system.

Below are some features you can look for when making your purchase:

  • A unit that operates quietly
  • A light that reminds you when to check the filter
  • An automatic fan switch that will turn the fan off after the compressor turns off
  • A variable speed air handler
  • A fan only switch which can be used at nighttime to reduce air conditioning cost

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