Electronic Ignition by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

A standard pilot light was the most common way to ignite a gas-powered furnace for almost as long as this equipment has existed.  Now electronic ignition systems have started to replace pilot lights.  Because an electric ignition does not need constant power the way a pilot light does, it will contribute to energy savings.  The electric ignition is one of the reasons modern furnaces have seen a rise in annual fuel utilization efficiency and remained competitive with other newer heating systems.

Just as a pilot light can go out, if your electronic ignition fails, the gas jets in the burner will not come on and the furnace won’t provide heat.  There are a number of reasons tis can occur and you should not try to attempt to resolve this on your own as gas can be a hazard if not contained properly.  Treat’s Heating & Cooling has professionals that can assist you with your repair.

Possible reasons for ignition failure

Igniter age: An electric ignition system is not designed to last as long as a furnace itself and will need occasional replacements after it wears out. 

Wrong igniter: If the igniter that is installed is the wrong size it will fail earlier than one that is the right fit.

High temperature switch: The high temperature limit switch is an important safety feature of a furnace that prevents it from becoming too hot.  This switch will turn the furnace off when the temperature gets too hot.  A clogged filter can cause the switch to start turning off the igniter early and of course the limit switch itself can malfunction preventing the igniter from turning on at all.

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