If you allow filters and air conditioning coils to become dirty your air conditioner will not work to its fullest capacity and the compressor or fans are likely to fail.

Treat’s Heating & Cooling would like to give Buckley, WA residents some information that may help you extend the life of your equipment.

Regular maintenance on your air conditioner is extremely important.  If your system is dirty and the filters have not been changed on a regular basis this restricts the airflow and humidity pulled from the air will begin to freeze around the coil preventing the air conditioner from cooling the inside air.

Make sure that the condensate line is draining properly and isn’t clogged during humid weather in Buckley, WA.  You should inspect the condenser (outside) and the area surrounding it to ensure there is no debris covering it this will allow the unit to efficiently draw air into the system.

Inspect each room of your home where you have return and supply grilles to ensure that they are not any objects or furniture blocking the return and supply grilles.

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