Heat Pumps by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Heat Pumps do ice up in the winter months and it is normal for the entire coil to be covered in a white frost or even light ice during certain weather conditions.  Heat Pumps will naturally ice up in the winter but periodically go into a defrost cycle to defrost the coils. 

It is not normal for the entire unit to be encased in ice for an extended period of time.  Heat transfers between the outside air and the refrigerant can’t be utilized if the coils are blocked by ice.  This would indicate there is a problem with your Heat Pump and you should turn it off and call Treat’s Heating & Cooling for service.  Your Heat Pump must be fully defrosted when a technician diagnoses the unit.

Different Heat Pumps have different ways of determining when to go into defrost.  Some are mechanical others use solid state controls with temperature sensors but all must go into defrost to keep from icing up.  Some of the other reasons your unit may be freezing up the outdoor coil can be blocked by debris, the condenser platform has nowhere for the ice to melt and drain and freezing rain can cause the top of the unit to freeze over.

If your Heat Pump is continuously freezing up and doesn’t seem to thaw out call Treat’s Heating & Cooling for service 360.825.0800.  We have been in business for over 40 years and strive for excellence!

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