Ducts by Treat’s Heating & Cooling 

Ductwork seems pretty simple.  Many think of it as a large fan that sucks air into the air handler through a blower fan and return grille.  Air comes in through the return ducts and the same fan blows conditioned air through the supply ducts and into your home.

Proper duct design is critical for air flow throughout a home.  Poor design can cause equipment to break down prematurely and cause discomfort in your home.  If your heating equipment has constant issues and breaks down, your ducts may not be designed correctly.  When there is a flaw in your ducts it makes it difficult for heat to make it into the living space.

There are a few problems that could lead to duct replacement, while others are just a simple repair.  Small leaks and cracks can usually be sealed by Treat’s Heating & Cooling we have the proper sealants and experience to repair cracks. 

Ducts should be designed in an efficient way with a few twists that could potentially interfere with airflow.  They should also be resistant to heat loss which can sometimes mean placing then in conditioned areas of your home.  If your ducts collapse you may need duct replacement.  Replacement can be necessary if your heating system is suffering as a result of a faulty installation which could be because the ductwork is too large or small for the size of the home and necessary heat load.

At Treat’s Heating & Cooling our experts are trained to recognize what kind of duct problem needs repair or replacement.  We have been in business for over 40 years and serve many satisfied customers.  Call us today! 360.825.0800

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