Zone Temperature Control by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

In most homes, heating and cooling account for the biggest part of your energy bill.  Most homes waste amounts of heating and cooling due to insufficient use.  Efficiency can be improved by only heating and cooling when necessary, and this is done by having zoned temperature control.

Zoning allows you to precisely control the temperature in every room or zone of your home.  We place a thermostat in every room and an automatic damper in the duct to control airflow to a room.  Your entire home can’t be comfortable to all members of a family all the time.  Often times the thermostat is located on one floor and then the additional floor has no way to control the temperature.

You no longer have to waste heat in rooms that are unoccupied we can add a zone that will stop the heat from going to that room and that will save you energy costs.  You wouldn’t control all the lights with just one switch so why control your home’s heating with one switch.

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