There are a few reasons that you may be experiencing issues with indoor air quality.  Insulation and ventilation are likely the cause.

You and your family may be suffering from common allergies thinking that these come from the outdoors only, when in fact your own home can sometimes be the factor.  Air duct cleaning is one way to rid your home of pollutants and allergens.  Treat’s Heating & Cooling would be happy to serve you & send a professional technician to clean and sanitize your ducts.

Another point of interest is dirty air filters which can easily transmit common allergens throughout your home. If filters are not changed on a regular basis, you are breathing all of these contaminants.  There are many air cleaners & filters that are designed to reduce allergens and make breathing easier in your home.

Treat’s Heating & Cooling provides yearly maintenance and you can also sign up for quarterly reminders when it is time to change your filters.