Humidifiers by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Most homeowners associate humidity with summer.  It is a deciding factor on whether your home feels comfortable or not, whether it is summer or winter.  When there is too much humidity, conditions are just right for mold and mildew to survive.  When there is not enough humidity your furniture and other household items can dry out.  Either way, a person with respitory problems may have increased difficulty during these times.

 When air is too dry, you will feel uncomfortable and can be prone to more health issues.  Dry air can worsen asthma and bronchitis.  Every time you breathe a small amount of moisture expels from your lungs.  When that moisture isn’t replenished in the air you breathe in, you become dehydrated and may experience nose bleeds among other health problems.

 When your thermostat setting is on 70 degrees and lack of moisture in the air actually makes the room seem colder.  This can make a significant difference in your tendency to adjust the thermostat.  Instead of reaching for your heat controls, try raising the humidity level a little in your home – you may be pleasantly surprised.  Dry air is unable to hold as much heat so it tends to feel colder. 

Humidifiers put moisture into the air and make it easier to breathe.  Whole house humidifiers work like old-fashioned room humidifiers putting moisture into the air making harsh, dry air easier to breathe.  A major difference is that they improve the air in every room of your home and you don’t have to move the humidifier from room to room.

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