Heat Pumps by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Heat Pumps have gained popularity over the past few years and many homeowners are turning to them to act as their furnace and air conditioner instead of purchasing two different pieces of equipment.

Much like an air conditioner, a heat pump is installed outside your home and then connects to your existing furnace, air handler or electric baseboard.  The most common type of Heat Pump is an “air to air” which draws air from outside the home and then heats or cools it which then sends it through refrigerant coils to your furnace or air handler for circulation.

Heat Pumps can last between 20-25 years.  There are several advantages in using a Heat Pump instead of a furnace with the first being efficiency.  This equipment uses a small amount of electricity to reverse the flow of warm or cool air and this means lower costs for heating with a gas furnace or cooling with an air conditioner.

Comfort is a great benefit.  Heat Pumps are not as intense as a furnace or air conditioner and won’t give a sudden blast of heat or cold they produce a comfortable amount of heating or cooling. You will save money on your energy bill since Heat Pumps run more efficiently than a furnace or air conditioner

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