Furnace Repair by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

As the cold season is upon us you may have noticed that your Gas Furnace is blowing cold air.  First, wait a few minutes to see if the air heats up.  When you turn your furnace on, it takes a few seconds for the warm air to reach your vents and it may blow cold air in the meantime and it nothing to worry about.

If that’s not the problem, see if the unit is set to “on”.  If it is, this means your system is blowing cold air into your home whether the furnace is on or not.  Switch it to “auto” to make sure it blows when you need heat.  If you have an older Gas Furnace the pilot light could be out so the air isn’t getting heated before it circulates.  There should be a panel or opening where the pilot can be accessed and you can see if it is lit or not.

Dirt on a sensor can hinder it from sensing the flame and keep the burner from staying lit.  If this is the case, call Treat’s Heating & Cooling for service.

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