Electronic Ignition by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Furnaces have a process by which they ignite; this ensures safety and correct combustion.  Older furnaces usually have a pilot light and higher efficiency furnaces come equipped with an electric igniter.  There are two different types of electronic igniters and each works a little bit different.  If you have a furnace that won’t stay lit after ignition, call Treat’s Heating & Cooling for service.

There are two types of electronic ignition: Hot surface Ignition & Intermittent Ignition

Hot Surface Ignition is a metal probe that heats up when the thermostat cues the ignition process.  When the igniter becomes hot enough (glowing light a light bulb) the main gas valve opens allowing the gas to flow.  Once the gas comes in contact with the heat from the igniter, the gas ignites and lights the burner.  The most common problem these have is the igniter cracks.

With an intermittent igniter, gas flows through a small pilot line when the thermostat cues for ignition to begin.  Once the gas flows, a small electronic device creates a spark that lights the pilot.  A flame sensor checks to see if the pilot is lit and if the flame is viable the main gas valve will open and the pilot lights the burner.

Electronic Ignition saves you money on energy costs and is safer to use.

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