Your thermostat is the main control unit for your home so you can maintain a temperature that you desire.  You can save energy & money by learning how this device operates.

Thermostat Settings

Setting the thermostat higher or lower will not heat or cool your home faster.  A furnace or air conditioner works at the same speed no matter what the setting is.  A home will warm up to 75 degrees just as quickly as it would with the thermostat being set at 80 degrees.  Energy can be wasted as the heating or cooling system continues to run after it meets your desired temperature.


Closing vents in your home won’t necessarily save on heating or cooling costs.  The duct system in your home is what balances the heating & cooling in your home.  If you close vents this throws the balance off which them causes the pressure to build & can result in duct leakage.  This will reduce efficiency & comfort in your home.


Location of your thermostat is not as important as its ability to function.  Your thermostat should be located in a convenient area where it can be easily accessed.  It should be placed away from doorways, drafty areas & direct sunlight.  The environment can easily result in the comfort it provides and ability to function properly.

Need help?

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