Furnace Sounds by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Are you hearing a loud thud or bang coming from your furnace when it first turns on?  Hera is a few possibilities of what could be causing these sounds. 

Your furnace burners might be dirty; having dirt on the burners may cause a delay in the burners igniting.  Because of this delay, gas will build up which causes the loud bang when it does finally ignite.  You definitely don’t want to ignore this as it could eventually crack your heat exchanger.  Another cause of a loud bang might be your air ducts expanding and contracting as the blower turns on and off with pressure changes.  This may be an indication that the home has undersized ducts, closed vents or a clogged filter.

If you are hearing a popping or rattling sound this can be associated with your homes ductwork.  Rattling can be an indicator of loose ductwork or an outcome of the furnace not being on a solid or level surface.  If the rattling is heard as the furnace turns off, this may be the metal parts of the furnace cooling down.  Often times the ductwork can make a whistling sound as well when the ducts are too small or have gaps in them.  Dirty filters can also cause sounds.

Screeching or chirping sounds can often be caused by a blower motor or wheel.  Sometimes that blower wheel can come loose from the motor shaft or the blower wheel may be broken causing the blower assembly to drop which has led to the assembly to drop and hit the furnace casing.

All of the suggestions above may be a possibility if you are hearing strange sounds when running your furnace.  You should call Treat’s Heating & Cooling at 360.825.0800 for a professional diagnostic and opinion.

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