Capacitors by Treat’s Heating & Cooling 

Capacitors are used in Heating & Air Conditioning and are electrical devices consisting of two plates separated by an electrical insulator designed to hold an electrical charge.  A charge builds up when a voltage is applied across the plates, creating an electrical field between them.  Current can flow through a capacitor only as voltage across it changes, not when it is constant.

Start capacitors are used in some heat pumps and air conditioners.  These capacitors start the compressor but don’t have anything to do with the fan.  They work in conjunction with a separate black relay to start the compressor.

Capacitors typically have a life measured in cycles.  While the compressor is running, the capacitor is cycling on and off thousands of times per second.  This is why the life expectancy of the capacitor is related to the age of the capacitor.

One of the causes for early failure can be a variation in voltage.  Power companies can raise and lower the line voltage that is delivered to your home during peak demand hours.  This may decrease the life of a capacitor.  High voltage or overuse can cause them to explode.

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