Heat Pumps by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

If you have been concerned about seeing some frost on your Heat Pump, it is normal for this to happen in the winter.  Most Heat Pumps have a defrost mechanism that will periodically melt the frost coating to ensure proper operation.  If you have a thicker frost forming that doesn’t go away, you will need to call Treat’s Heating & Cooling for service.

Heat Pumps need to access the outside air in order to work.  They function much like a refrigerator but in reverse absorbing heat from the cold outside and transferring it into your home making it warm.  Your system relies on the flow of air through the pump as well as spinning fans to get the job done.  During this process the Heat Pump creates condensation and in the cold weather that condensation can easily accumulate and freeze.  Over time, this can stop the Heat Pump from functioning and eventually cause damage.

The easiest way to know if your Heat Pump is frozen is by doing a visual inspection.  Remember that not all frost is bad – only if it stays around for a while.  You can check back in a few hours to see if the freezing is still there or if it is worse.

A few of the reasons your Heat Pump is freezing over include freezing rain or sleet interrupting its normal defrosting process, debris can block the air flow around your pump allowing condensation to form and lack of maintenance can cause it to be dysfunctional.  You can carefully remove that ice/snow that has built up on the unit, but not with a tool or any device that might damage the Heat Pumps components.

Call for a professional at Treat’s Heating & Cooling if your Heat Pump continues to freeze up 360.825.0800  We are here to provide excellent customer service and make your experience a satisfying one.

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