Zone Temperature Control by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

Homeowners that are interested in increasing their comfort level while conserving energy may be interested in Zone Control.  Most two-story homes have at least an 8-10 degree temperature difference between the downstairs and upstairs because heat rises.  By using motorized dampers and thermostats in each room connecting to a zone control panel, control of temperature in individual areas is simplified.

A Zone Control system allows a single unit to have separate temperature zones in the house.  Each zone is controlled by its own thermostat and motorized damper.  If any of the zone thermostats call for heating or cooling the zones that are not called will have their dampers closed and the zone calling for heating or cooling will remain open.  The heating or cooling equipment will also come on at the same time.  When all zone thermostats are satisfied, the heating or cooling equipment turns off and all zone dampers return to the open position for continuous air circulation.

Most zone control systems work with standard thermostats.  The thermostats can be manual or auto.  For additional energy savings, a homeowner can use programmable thermostats which will allow each zone to maintain a cooler temperature for heating or maintain a warmer temperature for cooling.  This is also called setting back and setting up and can save a homeowner as much as 30% on their fuel bill.

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