Variable Speed Furnaces by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

As we approach the cold season you may be in the market for a new furnace. There are many choices out there and it is sometimes hard to make a decision. Below are some facts about Variable Speed Furnaces that may help you come to a conclusion on which furnace you should choose.

A variable speed furnace does not actually refer to the furnace itself; it refers to the furnace’s blower motor.  The blower motor is the component that determines the amount of air the blower should deliver to your home.  When you have a new furnace installed things such as the climate you live in and the size of your home determine the speed of airflow that is appropriate for your situation.

The variable speed motor is also quieter that the single stage motor because it runs at a slower speed and because of its design.  Because of the lower speed, the noise coming from the individual registers is much quieter.  When air is under pressure, it can make noise but then once the flow is reduced your less likely to hear noise coming from the ductwork.

You will have lower energy consumption because the variable speed motor is using only a fraction of the energy because the fan is kicking on only when needed.  Your comfort inside the home will also be enhanced since the furnace is running more slowly than a single speed system.

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