Ductwork by Treat’s Heating & Cooling 

In most of the homes today, ductwork carries hot or cold air from the equipment to rooms in your house.  Typically, homeowners don’t think about their ductwork as long as their furnace or air conditioner is working as it should. 

The most common sign of a problem in your ductwork is uneven heating or cooling in different rooms of your home.  If your living room is nice and warm but the upstairs rooms are freezing even with your thermostat turned up it is possible that the ductwork may not be transferring the heat upstairs efficiently.  There could be a leak somewhere in the ductwork or a problem with your furnace or air conditioner, either way it is a good idea to contact a professional at Treat’s Heating & Cooling to give you an accurate diagnosis.

Another sign that your ductwork is no longer working is an increased energy bill.  If you have a newer home comfort system, you might rarely notice a loss in heat capacity.  These systems are powerful and can keep you comfortable regardless of what the weather is outside.  However, if you have a leaky duct the cost can start to rise significantly. 

Most ductwork problems are related to comfort levels in your home but in extreme cases bad or damaged ductwork could pose a health risk.  Exhaust ducts that carry fumes or gas should be inspected on a regular basis and if a leak is detected, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

If you notice your air quality system is working harder than it normally does, call 360.825.0800 for an appointment with Treat’s Heating & Cooling  Our professionals will make sure your service is satisfactory!

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