Electronic Ignition by Treat’s Heating & Cooling

The electronic ignition system in a gas furnace is a modern development that allows more reliable performance than standing pilot furnaces and provides energy savings and contributes to better furnace efficiency.

With a standing pilot, a small gas flame is always burning and constantly using energy by burning gas.  The electronic ignition system is used in higher efficiency furnaces and will typically ignite by intermittent pilot or hot surface ignition.

Intermittent Pilot: This system uses an electronically controlled high voltage electrical spark to ignite the gas pilot and then subsequently the main burners when the thermostat calls for heat.

Hot Surface Ignition: This system uses an electronically controlled resistance heating element to ignite the gas burner.

Most intermittent pilots are found on induced draft furnaces, this pilot ignites with a high voltage spark only when the thermostat calls for heat.  Once the intermittent pilot is lit and the main burner senses the pilot flame the main burner will ignite.

The hot surface igniter is the most commonly uses electronic ignition system used today.  The reason they are reliable is because they eliminate the need for a pilot and they are inexpensive.  These igniters directly ignite the burner and all they require is a flame sensor to detect the successful ignition of gas and proper flame occurring in the burners and turn off the hot surface igniter once proper ignition starts.

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