Ductwork by Treat’s Heating & Cooling 

The ductwork in your home is mostly out of site hidden behind walls, beneath floors and above ceilings but it is one of the most important parts of your home heating and air conditioning systems.  If your ductwork is not in good condition, you could be losing part of your heating/cooling before it reaches its intended destination in your home.

Duct problems can raise energy costs, decrease the life of your air handling equipment and make it difficult to keep parts of your home comfortable.  It is advisable to have your ductwork examined by Treat’s Heating & Cooling and have necessary repairs completed.

Flexible ducts: flexible ducts are often used in tight places and to go around sharp corners but they are easy to damage during installation and can become kinked if they are not installed properly.

Leaky seams & disconnected joints: If you have ducts that are not joined securely, they can result in a loss of energy.  We can find and repair leaks in places you don’t have easy access to.

Damaged or missing insulation: Ducts should be insulated in unconditioned spaces such as an attic.  If insulation gets wet or is missing it should be replaces to prevent energy loss from conduction between your ductwork and unconditioned space.

Dirty filter: your air filter should be cleaned or replaced every 3 months and checked 1 time per month.  If dust fills the air filter is can restrict airflow in your system.  The filter should be tight so the air can’t bypass the filter.

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