Below are some helpful facts from Treat’s Heating & Cooling about ductless heating & cooling in Bonney Lake, WA

What is Ductless Heating & Cooling?

Ductless heating & cooling systems are highly efficient and are able to deliver warm or cool air into different zones in your home without routing the air through your ducts first.  These are also often referred to as mini-split systems.  They are used to improve comfort levels in poorly heated or cooled rooms.

Will I save money on my energy bill?

Heating and cooling can cost the average homeowner about $1000 per year.  Replacing your system with a certified ductless heating & cooling model could cut your heating and cooling costs by nearly 30%.

Do these systems require regular maintenance?

Yes, you want to schedule a yearly maintenance with a professional technician at Treat’s Heating & Cooling to prevent any future repairs or unwanted costs.

How does this affect the air distribution in my home?

A ductless heating and cooling system will consistently circulate fresh healthy air into your home.  This can greatly help people who suffer from allergies breathe easier.

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