Dual Fuel Heat Pumps by Treat’s Heating & Cooling


In climates with cold winters, dual fuel heating can provide comfort without the extra cost.  Dual fuel heat pumps are top performing two-in-one cooling and heating systems.  Electric heat pumps generate efficient heat through the winter, however; in extreme cold temperatures, dual fuel heat pumps will solve the challenge of providing cost effective comfortable indoor temperatures.


During moderate to normal winter conditions, your heat pump efficiently heats your house by extracting heat from the outside air and bringing it inside.  This energy is then concentrated in a compressor cycle that conveys refrigerant into your air handler.  The indoor unit then disperses the heat throughout your home.


An outside thermostat registers when the heat outdoors is too low for the heat pump to efficiently continue to provide warmth.  The controller shuts off the heat pump and activates a backup gas furnace in order to maintain indoor comfort level.  When outside temperatures rise back up about the heat pumps balance point (about 30 degrees) the controller turns off the furnace and re-actives the energy-efficient heat pump.


The difference between a dual-fuel system and a standard heat pump set-up is the emergency heating is provided by an electric heating element.  These are much more costly to use than either the regular heat pump function or a gas furnace.  Another benefit is it being cheaper to use the back-up furnace as a result of low natural gas prices – you can manually switch the system over to furnace mode.


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